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It has long been a mystery to me why some people for heaven's sake have excessive empathy and some people lack it. On one side of the spectrum we have people who are so empathetic that they end up in relationships with those on the other side of the spectrum - those at the narcissistic end. I do not think it is useful in the current discussion to focus on the latter, because the former are worth so much discussion and praise.

But how beautiful it is when two empathic people are combined. Those with empathy really deserve those with empathy.

I have done word studies of the Greek word epi-a-case (Epieikes) several times over the years. I have always focused on the qualities of this trait in people, but now I want to concentrate on the elaboration of these traits.

This word means meekness, meekness, courtesy, and there is definitely a kind patience involved with the person who is characterized by epi-a-case. Such a person is caring and sensitive, and our world often sees these traits as weaknesses. But the person with epi-a-case is not weak at all.

If we add all these elements together, we see, as far as another person can see, the quality of empathy in this person, at least in this respect:

Because of his dedication to grace

empathy will suffer a broken heart,

and yet that suffering will increase

even stronger vulnerability.

Can experience empathy

the fullness of God's reality,

because truth with love,

both to the full,

is worth the experience.

Empathy can be bravely vulnerable,

because it knows no other way.

Yet we often suppress empathy

because it feels like weakness.

Especially in an increasingly narcissistic era,

one of the greatest gifts we can give our children

are opportunities to experience and express empathy.

With regard to the relational connection, people with empathy offer warmth of survival in the cold of a conflict. They believe beyond the abandonment of the void left by warring parties who prefer alienation. Empathy reaches and continues to reach and up, and that can only be called Love.

Love reaches out without expectation

the other to reach back.

It offers strength

who would take away power.

But love, in the glory of wisdom,

will reprove the perpetrator for the perpetrator's own good.

Love loves because it's possible

not because you have to

not because it is cajoled,

and certainly not refundable.

It is amazing what love becomes when it manifests itself in the practical of empathy. Love such as this knows no boundaries, and it flies on the wings of hope, rising to transcendence, believing against expectations for reconciliation.

Thus, if empathy can be transcribed as love, we must know that love is the goal of all being, as well as the means to achieve it.

Love has its life chances.

We take them today or we will miss them forever.

And if we miss them today,

we take them tomorrow.

How merciful is the Lord

to appreciate a full life for us

of repetitive errors

where the chance to overcome

is presented constantly?

We started with empathy, so we have to conclude that.

The relational beauty of empathy is convincing. It is the characteristic of those who believe in a relationship. Those who would reject empathy, whether participating in it or receiving it, are fools in a relational world and live. Those who would reject empathy belong to the class of those who would misuse systems that are empathetic.

But the empathics have an eternal power that goes beyond destruction. This eternal supremacy is worth abusing, because God will have the last word.

Those with empathy really have God's kingdom.

Once they understand that,

they already have everything.

Such a person can only be satisfied.