TUTORIAL einen XL-Schal aus 1 m Stoff nähen (Unter meinem Dach)

Das letzte Wochenende verbrachte ich mit vielen anderen nähbegeisterten Menschen auf dem Lillestoff-Festival in Hannover. Neben unglaublich vielen schönen Eindrücken durfte ich ein feines Stückchen S

An unharmed wedding day is a dream of every girl there --- a day just for us, all splendor. That said, the only thing that we have our eyes on is how perfect these brides look on their D-day. In the background of this much talked about glowing beauty of the lady of the day, hours of effort of the makeup artist lie his work, supported by his skills, eye for perfection and of course his knowledge of the best beauty brands and suitability. Budget is often central to our wedding plans. Needless to say, rising inflation will be poor. To resort to homemade bridal makeup instead of a reliable one makeup artist in an attempt to save money - can prove to be a precious blunder.

Read on to find out why choosing a professional to do it yourself is a legitimate choice.

They know it better: It is not like other days when you do your daily makeup. These professionals know their work; they can do justice when it comes to emphasizing our facial contours. It is their study load in which they have acquired knowledge about color theory. Moreover, they have the necessary tools to keep the "look" throughout the day.

An expert knows everything about skin types:A radiant skin is indispensable on your special day, because it harmonizes well with makeup and photography. A professional will be able to give you ways that you can care for your skin before the day, so that you look flawless and awesome.

Are you ready for the camera? Imperfections and shadow differences are easily captured in the camera. An artist will know best to use the right color palette and to mix it in a uniform way so that you are perfect for the photo. Not only do you look great, but the photographer can also find his work painless and editing may not always be necessary.

It's your day! Yes, you are the bride and from the beginning of the day until the last call all eyes will be on you. It's the day you've been dreaming for so many years, so don't let it be a dream and not a bad reality. Do not hold back on the amount that you must spend for the artist. This industry does not exist for nothing and the impeccable charisma on your face will unravel what these magicians are worth. Every bride looks her best on her wedding day, but those who have booked with these artists simply don't stop there - they stand out for a mile.

Let the professional take care of what you look like on the day you already have so much on your plate. Memories are forever and don't let the wedding photos fade if you decide to lower the makeup budget and hire someone without experience. Enjoy your day with little worry and let yourself be makeup artist do his thing!