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As the saying goes, "beauty is only skin-deep". The Oxford dictionary defines the proverb as & # 39; a pleasing appearance is not a guide to character & # 39 ;. Even if you take the saying literally, when two people, a so-called charming man and a so-called ugly guy, are skinned alive and made to stand side by side, they look the same. So beauty is only skin deep.

The concept of beauty is very complex to understand and everyone has their own striking idea of ​​beauty. Because someone's idea of ​​beauty depends on his taste and preferences and the perspective from which he views his fellow people. It also depends on the culture and traditions in which he was raised and even on his education and social status. In our Indian culture, beauty seems to set a certain standard - just delicate, tall and slender, and people, to reach the standard, use different products and services to improve their appearance.

According to the Personal Care Products Council, the global personal care products industry has a turnover of around $ 250 billion a year and China and India are among the fastest growing markets for personal care products. There is no doubt that hygiene and good smelling are not only essential to stay in good health, but also project you as an educated and civilized individual. But at the same time, excessive dependence on cosmetics to artificially improve a person's appearance can be counterproductive in many ways. Modern research shows that excessive use of cosmetics has many adverse health effects, including skin allergies and cancer. Therefore one must be very careful and judicious in its use.

Some people, especially women, worry too much about their weight and they reduce their intake of nutritious food with the expectation of losing weight. In their obsession with being light, however, they deprive their bodies of much-needed food and easily fall prey to anemia and related conditions. Many people rightly believe that all healthy people who lead healthy and dignified lives look charming and beautiful.

God, when he creates a creature, it creates to look charming and attractive. The terms aesthetically challenged or ugly are very subjective terms and only reflect the arrogance and superiority complex among their users. Real beauty lies in naturalness and simplicity. Artificially performed performances are not only unsustainable, but cannot be considered beautiful. Take the example of the Bollywood celebrities, who appear stunningly beautiful on the screen but make no impression outside the screen. In fact, many of them look pretty ordinary without makeup.

So our concept of beauty can only be subjective. We humans are very aware of our appearance, and we are all very concerned about the kind of impression we make about our physical appearance. What we humans need to understand is that in order to look beautiful and charming, we have to stay in good health and cultivate a worthy personality without worrying about his or her physical appearance.