Nur wenige atemberaubende DIY-Treppenprojekte #treppe – In den meisten Häusern gibt es

Nur wenige atemberaubende DIY-Treppenprojekte #treppe – In den meisten Häusern gibt es … | #atemberaubende #den #DIYTreppenprojekte

Don't let the title fool you - Eating for Beauty is more than just skin deep! For years I have been playing with the idea of ​​buying this book. The title intrigued me, but it also stayed outside of my category & # 39; must-have books & # 39 ;. Beauty is not part of that, say, health. Or right?

Raw food guru David "Avocado" Wolfe explains how physical beauty reflects the health of our inner organs. The idea that our skin reveals the condition of our colon is not exactly news, but David goes beyond theories and tells us why. He explains the absorption, acid-alkaline balance and free radicals in comprehensible terms. He then identifies certain & # 39; beauty minerals & # 39 ;, what they do and why people don't like it.

A list of the most refreshing foods contains more than superficial descriptions of antioxidants. David also quotes chemical analyzes, including which elements occur most strongly in a certain item. Where not obvious, he suggests ways to eat this beauty food, and sometimes offers wonderful historical use. I think the book is a valuable tool for sharing with students, because it gives people insight into the & # 39; why & # 39 ;. The scientific, methodical approach, combined with beautiful Kirlian photography, helps readers to easily draw conclusions.

In addition to theory and practical advice, David offers recipes and supplements. Yes, you can buy most things through its websites, and yes, that can be annoying in some books that read more like extensive product catalogs. However, food for beauty offers so much background that readers remain convinced of the value of those products.

Because David provides tips for inviting beauty into our lives at all levels, the book offers much more than a sales pitch of 186 pages. He talks about:

* Breathing, yoga and laughter.
* The connection between the ancient Greeks of physical and spiritual beauty.
* The healing powers of organic products are available at most supermarkets.
* How to use grapefruit to get rid of cellulite.
* How to produce more hydrochloric acid for better digestion.
* Fresh juices to banish dark circles or improve the singing voice.

I found this book surprisingly fun and informative and it has already become a widely used reference work. Even if you think you're looking for "more than beauty," give this book a chance. With its encyclopedic scope, you will certainly find something of lasting value.