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Indianerin Kostüm selber machen Franstentop | Kostüm-Idee zu Karneval, Halloween & Fasching

It is what every woman wants, at least at a certain level - beauty. Unfortunately, beauty itself is elusive, subjective and, moreover, sometimes unhealthy. What do i mean? Let's start with elusive. The definition of the word elusive is, well, elusive. defines the word elusive as the following:

e · lu · sive / ɪˈlu sɪv / Pronunciation Main adjective 1. escaping clear perception or complete mental understanding; difficult to express or define: an elusive concept. 2. clever or agile evasive: a fish too elusive to catch.

I particularly like the second part of the definition that uses the example: a fish that is too elusive to catch. After all, that is very much the same as beauty. Just when someone thinks they are a step away from being beautiful, they find another part of themselves that & # 39; embellishment & # 39; need. The classic example is of course the woman who becomes addicted to plastic surgery - first it is the eyes that need to be lifted, but once this is done, she finds another part of her that needs repair. Maybe the lips now look too thin, the chin sinks or there are those breasts that do the same.

Although I do not have a problem with cosmetic surgery on my own, I still believe that one should go through a mental evaluation of oneself to determine whether this specific procedure will have the desired effect, both mentally and physically. The bottom line is that some women feel better about themselves after a cosmetic procedure has been completed, while some are part of the & # 39; never satisfied & # 39; group, which certainly has problems that go beyond those cosmetics.

Now on to & # 39; subjective & # 39 ;. What is the old saying? The waste of one man is the treasure of another man - or in our case & # 39; woman & # 39 ;. In other words, the idea of ​​every woman about what is beautiful, or what she looks like, is an extremely subjective and personal thing. After all, we've all seen a person who completely defies our definition of beautiful and, well, fullness of taste, right? I mean, the "What Not to Wear" show from TLC is a perfect example. Every woman who goes on show is voted by & # 39; friends & # 39; who simply believe that they do not meet the social norms of what is good and what is not. And I have to say, there are some women who appear on the show that, for all my own subjectivities, I cannot believe that EVERYONE would fit the idea of ​​taste. However, I recall another saying: & # 39; beauty is in the eye ... & # 39 ;. I am humiliated by the awareness of my own, very subjective perspectives on beauty.

What remains? Oh, that's right - "unhealthy." Again, I quote a definition to clarify, because the Oxford English Dictionary is not available online:

un · health · y (uhn-hel-thee) adjective

1. not in a good or normal health condition; in a defective, weak or morbid condition. 2. not conducive to good health; unhealthy: Night air was previously considered unhealthy. 3. dangerous; risky.

Many aspects of the concept of beauty are, according to the above definitions, unhealthy. Few would argue that cosmetic operations can be risky, that many cosmetics on the market are "not conducive to good health," and that many of the worst offenders, weight loss products, are "dangerous." In addition, America's fascination for being thin, and sometimes critical, often leads to anorexia and bulimia, which is certainly not a condition that many regard as a & # 39; good or normal health condition & # 39; consider.

In conclusion, while beauty, as I believe I have outlined above, is elusive, subjective and sometimes unhealthy, people around the world are taking steps to make positive changes to reflect the world's views, health and preoccupation with beauty to influence. Examples include Dove & # 39; s Campaign for Real Beauty, companies that produce dolls with normal characteristics (and dimensions), and companies that offer more natural and healthy ways to improve their own idea of ​​beauty. Natural beauty choices have even become enormously popular in recent years. For example, Burt & # 39; s Bees has been offering completely natural cosmetic and personal care options for quite some time, organic clothing is now even sold in abundance to retailers and cosmetic companies such as Erth Minerals have begun producing mineral makeup made from simply crushed minerals and therefore without unhealthy chemicals and preservatives. In short, the future of healthier beauty and more options to meet our eternal, elusive and subjective quest for beauty will continue to grow in the coming years.