DIY Bierdosen Pflanzer

DIY Bierdosen-Pflanzer The Merrythought #diy #Vatertag

The story of "Useless Beauty" opens with the existence of a carriage for the mansion of Count de Mascaret. Countess de Mascaret goes somewhere and her husband wants to go with her. She allows him, even though she feels uncomfortable. She is angry in the carriage because Count de Mascaret is trying to flatter her.

Finally they fight with a soft voice because she threatens to scream if the count does not hear what she is saying. She tells her disappointed, anger and hatred of him. She has been married for eleven years, but she already has seven children. When the countess became pregnant, she was sent to the country, family chateau. Moreover, when she returned, fresh, beautiful and unspoiled, she returned as a rich young woman.

The countess thinks that the count does not love their children as a father, but as a victory over her childhood and her life. In her anger, the countess asks him to go to church because she wants to tell the truth.

When they arrive at the church, they fall to their knees in the altar. The countess says that one of their children is not his child. The countess hands her body over to that man who makes her mother, not to give love but to betray her husband. After telling the confession, the countess leaves him alone in the church and she goes home.

The next night the countess waits for him in the salon because she is certain that he will come. Now she no longer feels anything. Dinner time is coming and so is the count. He asks again for the truth about their children. The countess, however, still holds what she said that day. It makes him so angry and leaves the dining room rude. Their children feel shocked by this incident; fortunately the countess can calm them down.