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The term "natural beauty" is thrown around often enough so that many people don't really know what it is. Is it a way to avoid having to improve your appearance for a public presentation? Does this mean that natural beauty only uses things made from nature? Or is it someone who can always look good? To some extent, the answer to all these questions is yes.

To begin with, natural beauty needs nothing. If someone is said to have natural beauty, that person can get up in the morning and still look as if just a change of clothing should be enough to look dazzling. The person in question does not have to look like a super model. After all, many supermodels spend hours with hair, clothing, makeup and even the right way to stand for a photo or show. No. Natural beauty does not necessarily have anything to do with specific body characteristics. A small improvement never hurts to bring out someone's natural appearance.

Although of course being beautiful is defined as looking great without improvement, it does not mean that someone is not using clothing, styling or makeup or should use it to improve what is already there. For most natural beauties styling is usually much lighter than for everyone. In the case of makeup, many natural beauties use colors that blend so well with the skin that it looks like the extra pigment was already there. Hairstyles are usually simple for most days, and clothing is not always something of the latest fad. For many people with natural beauty, dressing is a matter of what feels good as opposed to what looks good. Ironically, someone who dresses to feel good often looks good!

So what about those amplifiers? Are they only made from nature? This is usually the case. A lot of natural products are priced outside the assets of some people. That is why many people who want natural products get what they can at the best price and fill the gaps as well as possible with other products. Sometimes natural improvements are as simple as not using hair spray and sticking to shampoos with natural extracts. Many people use home remedies to solve minor skin and hair problems. Diet and exercise are great ways to treat the inside out. It's always easy to tell who feels healthy and who isn't based on how they present themselves, and using natural products from the inside is a great way to feel healthy.

Natural beauty is not a mystery. It is easily within everyone's reach and nobody needs to portray themselves as hippies to achieve it. Being naturally beautiful is more about presenting yourself in a style that fits that person individually without major fuss.