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A beauty sign is a dark birthmark on the face, neck or shoulder that is considered attractive. If we look at them from a medical point of view, we can find the answer to the question "where do beauty traces come from"? Beauty spots are usually a melanocytic nevus that is underdeveloped.

You must know that not all birthmarks are considered "beauty marks". A beauty spot may not measure more than an inch and may not protrude, that is, it may not be a polypoid. The second important point is that the brand must be symmetrical in nature. Symmetry has a natural appeal to human eyes and looks beautiful. A disproportionate mole is usually not referred to as a beauty spot.

A beauty spot is usually on the face, somewhere on the cheek or around the lips. They must not be too many in number.

Usually the characters appear on the face within the age of 20 years. If someone develops them afterwards, they may or may not be beneficial. If a beauty sign sticks out, this is called a mole.

Many people prefer to create a beauty spot on their skin if they don't have one. In the 18th century, creating a false beauty spot on your face became a common fashion statement. False beauty marks can be applied as a form of makeup or can be tattooed.

A common, interesting Greek myth is associated with beauty spots. They say that Gods were jealous of those who looked too perfect and therefore created a small dark mark on their faces just to disturb their perfection.

Some celebrities known for their beauty signs are Marilyn Monroe, one of the most sensual women, who created a fashion for beauty signs in the 19th century. Other celebrities with a beauty mark on their faces are Madonna, Eva Mendes, Mandy Moore, Demi Moore, Mariah Carey, Molly Sims, Natalie Portman and Robert DeNiro and how can we miss Cindy Crawford?

However, the beauty of a person does not depend on whether or not he has a beauty spot. Beauty is in the eyes of the viewer. Many women with beauty marks are found trying to remove them from their faces, while many others who don't have them get them artificially on their faces. It's someone's style statement that matters.